How do I know what size to order?

Size Appropriate for



Preemies to newborn



Newborn to 6 months



Approx 6-9 months



Approx 10-18 months



Approx 2-3 yrs (can stretch to fit up to 5 years old)



Fit big kids to adult




Care instruction for your hat.

Spot clean is best, but hand wash is fine too, and air-dried is recommended. With mild soap. Heavy weight cotton hat, gentle cycle, short cycle is fine. Wash separately as color may bleed.

What are the hats made of?

Depending on which hat you are choosing. We have a variety of yarns that we use. A lot of them are 100% cotton, especially in the "Fiore" and " Flower Power Beanies" collections. And we have many that are made from cotton with acrylic blend. And some are soft easy to care for all acrylic yarn. We have 100% soft lambs wool from New Zealand for the boiled wool collection. Feel free to ask us on specific hat you are interested in.

Do you make all these hats?

This is the question we get all day long when we are at the store or at shows. (because we never have free hands... while sitting at the store, all of us ladies... work on some hats constantly). First of all, it is a lot of hats, and they are all hand done! So, no... it is more than one person can handle. It used to be just my mother and I when we first started out. But at the rate we are going and expanding, we have recruited a lot of great helps and creative minds. It is our own family business... to be exact of 3 generations. We have grandmas, great aunts, mom, me, sisters, cousins, and daughters and neighbors. I am so thankful to all of them.

We are so blessed to be able to help so many people who are dear to us within our family circle. And the past year, our work has taken us to a world of inspiration beyond the inner circle. Now my mother is half way retiring , so she is in her quest to helping empowering women in a much less fortunate part of the world to have a more comfortable life and working in a comfort of their own home at their own pace while earning decent and fair wages. It is very rewarding to see how many lives we have touched. We have made a difference in so many families. SO PROUD OF MY MOM!

Do you do wholesale?

No, not at this time, be glad to take your information to put on our long list. When we do, we will let you know.

Do you sell your pattern?

No, unfortunately. We do not sell our patterns. It is an original and our own work and design. Thank you for your understanding and respecting intellectual property.

Do you take custom order?

Yes, we do. Especially custom order for adult hats in children designs. We can do all that easily. Or specific color of your choice to match your coat! Adding a special touch to the hat with a sweet lady bug... We go above and beyond to make our customer happy.